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Opt-Out of Bus Pass

Bus stickers are provided to all students who are enrolled in on campus courses at the college and have paid their mandatory fees.  You may read more about mandatory fees on the SBCC website.

All students registered in on campus classes pay the transportation fee and may ride the Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus seven days a week. Beginning one week prior to the start of the semester, students ride by simply showing their student ID when boarding the bus, with the exception of the Waterfront Shuttle. Once your semester fees, including the bus transportation fee have been paid, the bus transportation sticker can be picked up at the Cashier’s Office (SS-150). You must bring your SBCC ID card to obtain the sticker.

Additional reading regarding the Student Senate who negotiate with the City and approved the fees on your behalf, are located here.

For more information, please review the Fees section of our website.

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